Since 2012, SITE Trampoline has been Queenstown and Wanaka’s home for action sport progression. Helping inspire, encourage and develop the progression in freestyle sports at a world class level.

Cork 720 mute grab SITE Trampoline Queenstown

Freestyle Progression

SITE was born out of a passion for learning and fast progression in 2012 in an old mechanics garage. Over the past decade we have delved into as many progression hacks, tools, tips, and coaching methods as possible to find the core methodologies behind the most prolific athletes and learners. Whether you are a skier, snowboarder, skateboarder, biker, trampolinist, parkour enthusiast, or involved in any other action sport, we will have progression tools to help you take your skills to the next level.

Our path to progression

We believe that any goal can be accomplished if you can visualise your path to reach it. By breaking large goals into small and attainable pieces you can achieve things that you never would have believed to be possible. Our training tools revolve around this ideal. From understanding the trick within a trick, to physical tools that allow you to break a trick into multiple pieces, we provide the framework to help you change the way you think about your potential and the challenges that lie before you.

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Upcoming Events

SITE Wanaka Is Open

SITE Wanaka is open and running! Our trampoline area is running, the indoor bowl and mini ramp be coming in the near future.

After School Lessons Term Two 2022

We are already getting close to term 2! Make sure to register if you haven’t already and join our waitlist if you are new to lessons. We are taking new students for both Queenstown and Wanaka.