Super Tramps

Our super trampolines are the most powerful trampolines in the world. Produced in Canada from Rebound Products, the super trampolines are an excellent tool to help you learn your next big trick. They are also just a great way to have fun and bounce higher than you've ever bounced before!

Super Trampoline SITE Trampoline Queenstown
Air Bag SITE Trampoline Queenstown

Air Bag

Our Bag Jump™ air bag is a multi-impact air bag that can handle people, boards, bikes and anything else you'd want to send into it. It's a great place to try new tricks without having to focus as much on your landings.

Foam Pit

Looking to try your first flip or just a new flip? The foam pit is the perfect soft landing area for building skills and confidence in a safe manner.

Backflip into foam pit SITE Trampoline Queenstown
Launch Ramp SITE Trampoline Queenstown

Launch Ramp

One of the best progression tools that SITE offers is the launch ramp. There is no better way to build your skills on the hill than to get repetitions into our airbag.

Want to get your first flip on skis, snowboard, or bike? Why not try it onto our airbag first. You can focus on technique and building confidence while eliminating one of the hazards of trying it on the hill, the hard ground.

Mini Ramp

SITE's mini ramp was built with progression in mind. Quickly interchangeable modules allow us to change the height of the ramp or add in features like jersey barriers during your session. Our mini ramp is a great progression tool for picking up tricks fast before taking them to something bigger.

SITE Mini Ramp
Snowboard Addiction

Snowboard addiction skis and boards

Looking to take skills to the snow? Our snowboard addiction skis and boards are a great progression tool for getting a feel of swing weight, grabs, and body awareness for your tricks.

Air Track

Our AirTrack Factory™ air track is the ultimate tool to help you take your tricks from the trampoline to flat ground. The extra pop it gives you on top of the semi-soft landing area will help your tricking, parkour or party tricks immensely.

Trampoline Park SITE Trampoline Queenstown

Tramp Park

Have you ever wanted to bounce endlessly from trampoline to trampoline? The tramp park is the place to do it! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face the tramp park is a great place for races, games like dodgeball, and just playing around.